AI@Business meets c/o data science

We can’t wait for our c/o data science community to finally come together again in real life in Hamburg on September 24th or in Bonn on September 29. It would be too long to wait until then though, so in the meantime c/o data science will join forces with Informationsfabrik’s AI@Business meetup.

From May 5 on, we will have a virtual meetup every first Tuesday of the month, discussing various data science topics. Our kick-off online meetup will be held on April 28.

Join us online and share your passion with peers!

Kick-off Virtual Meetup - April 28 / 6pm

Panel: What's up next in data science?

We will talk to practitioners and decision makers from well-known companies about current data science and AI topics. Dubravko, Mathias and Christian will have an online panel discussion with our host Thomas talking about “What’s up next in data science?”. We will discuss among others the situation in the companies in times of Corona, use cases and business value in the projects, used technologies / AI market, Data Science and AI trends. Register now to take part in this online event on April 28 at 6pm. *The panel will be held in German*

Virtual Meetup - May 05 / 6pm

Talks & Discussion

Bodo (Informationsfabrik) will talk about Predictive Factories and Christian (Otto) will present the Thompson Sampling Basics, hosted by Thomas.

Register now to take part in this online event on May 05 at 6pm.


Virtual Meetup - June 02 / 6pm

Talks & Discussion

Stephan (Risklio) will present „Harder, Better, Faster, More Profitable Investing with AI“, Sergei (Airbus Operations) will talk about „Anomalie-Detektion mit Deep Learning“, hosted by Thomas.

Register now to take part in this online event on June 02 at 6pm.


Virtual Meetup - July 07 / 6pm

Talks & Discussion

Eldar (self-employed) will talk about „The Way We Think And The Power of Data Visualization“ and Thomas (LVM Versicherung) will present „Customer Analytics in Versicherungen: Gewinnung von Kundeninformationen durch den Einsatz von ML-Verfahren“, hosted by Thomas.

Registration open in a few days. Take part in this online event on July 07 at 6pm.


Virtual Meetup - August 04 / 6pm

Talks & Discussion

Registration open in a few weeks. Take part in this online event on August 04 at 6pm.