c/o data science – The Data Science Knowledge Camp

Are you looking for a platform where you can personally exchange ideas with other data scientists and data geeks and share and discuss challenges?

c/o data science is designed for YOU – be part of it in Hamburg on 22 April 2021 or in Bonn on 16 September 2021! You can expect deep dive TALKS, HACKSESSIONS and a BARCAMP as well as live demos, code to go and lots of time for networking – create your own program!

Join us and share your passion with peers!

Virtual Meetup: AI@Business meets c/o data science

Next virtual Meetup October 06 / 6pm

We can’t wait for our c/o data science community to finally come together again in real life in Hamburg or in Bonn. It would be too long to wait until then though, so in the meantime c/o data science will join forces with Informationsfabrik’s AI@Business meetup.

From May 05 on, we will have a virtual meetup every first Tuesday of the month, discussing various data science topics. The next meetup will be held on June 02.
Join us online and share your passion with peers!


Learn more about our events in different cities:
Hamburg | Bonn

And who's running the camp?


SIGS DATACOM is an international and vendor-independent company for further education in information technology. SIGS DATACOM is a leading provider of further education in the fields of software architecture and engineering, data and insights as well as artificial intelligence. SIGS DATACOM offers high-quality specialist information to software architects, IT project managers/managers, experienced programmers, developers and business intelligence/analytics professionals, project managers and consultants as well as AI professionals and data scientists. The c/o data science is a consistent addition to our previous offering in the area of continuing education and specialist information.