c/o data science – The Data Science Knowledge Camp

Are you looking for a platform where you can personally exchange ideas with other data scientists and data geeks and share and discuss challenges?

c/o data science is designed for YOU – On September 13, 2022, after a two-year break, the c/o Data Science successfully took place at Basecamp Bonn. We really enjoyed deep dive TALKS, HACKSESSIONS and a BARCAMP as well as live demos, code to go and lots of time for networking.

Travel back in time with us and take a look at the review!

We are looking forward to next year – see you next time!


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And who's running the camp?


SIGS DATACOM is an international and vendor-independent company for further education in information technology. SIGS DATACOM is a leading provider of further education in the fields of software architecture and engineering, data and insights as well as artificial intelligence. SIGS DATACOM offers high-quality specialist information to software architects, IT project managers/managers, experienced programmers, developers and business intelligence/analytics professionals, project managers and consultants as well as AI professionals and data scientists. The c/o data science is a consistent addition to our previous offering in the area of continuing education and specialist information.

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