Six sessions, six in-depth cases, six times the opportunity to go directly into discussion with the speaker. At c/o data science you will find exciting presentations and real use cases. We attach great importance to the technical depth and practical relevance of the presentations. From extraction of entities, gamified video analysis, to AI assisted semantic comparisons, vectorization algorithms like TF-IDF and many insights and outlooks on what Data Science is, might be and can achieve. From ERGO, Deutsche Post DHL Group to Informationsfabrik, Zurich, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH, REWE Digital and more. Ten experts present their concrete applications and their backgrounds as well as codes. One third of the lecture time is reserved for your questions. Ask the speakers directly and get more value for your work.


The Barcamp is a central component of c/o data science – design your own programme on site! Also known as an un-conference, a barcamp is dynamic and flexible. At the Barcamp there are no speakers or ready-made topics. You contribute to the Barcamp by presenting your own questions, theses and projects or by participating in the discussions. Each Barcamp is as different as its visitors, because it lives from your participation. At the start of the conference, just before the Barcamp, we will collect your topics. With the input we plan the sessions, so that your desired program develops. The focus of the topics should be on your data science projects, from code to business integration everything is allowed and encouraged. Get involved and benefit from the contributions of the other participants.


Join us and code instead of just listening. In our hacking sessions you can help yourself. Obtain practical knowledge and use it as well as the code for your projects. After participating in a hacking session together in a small group you will understand the most important use cases and have an intuitive understanding of the algorithms and codes used, have successfully applied these algorithms and completed or started your own application.